• Enterprise Infrastructure - May bulletin boards for local culture and biodiversity
  • Nature Interpretation
  • Education for responsible tourism


  • Destination dedicated to birdwatching "Bird Sanctuary"
  • Two hiding places for birdwatching
  • Point interpretation of the evolution of Delta in the last century
  • Wildlife photo
  • Planting unique ornithological country
  • Enterprise Infrastructure and camping

mila 23

  • Culinary Demonstrations between families in Mile 23
  • Selection of traditional local recipes
  • 5 households participating in the first culinary trail
  • Conducting pilot project for a household hospitality
  • Culinary identity

"I was and will remain very linked to the Danube Delta, the place where I was born, I learned to paddle and made me respect people and nature. We always build our projects together with local people, helping them to identify the best ways to improve the local economy. I wish that the projects of the Association "Ivan Patzaichin - Mila 23"  help the Danube Delta to become, in the shortest of time, the queen of ecotourism in Europe." Ivan Patzaichin


November 7, 2014 - Mila 23 Coulinary route

“Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23” Association has organised in Mila 23 village(Danube Delta), the first edition of the culinary competition "Mila 23 Culinary Route", which was introduced in the “Crisan…

October 24, 2014 - Official Launch of the project

Today we oficially launched the project, at the Village National Museum, in the presence of Ivan Patzaichin, Ms. Paulina Popoiu (manager of the Village Museum), Mr. Valentin Marin (Romanian Ornithological Society), Governor of the Danube Delta Biosphere…

Culinary trail

Local traditional products will be promoted through a gastronomic competition will allow the selection of five households that are integrated into a local culinary trail, and will receive a minimum endowment of hospitality for one household.


Caraorman Bird Sanctuary

The infrastructure around the ornithological Sanctuary will be improved. It was formed naturally in a former fishing site, where the birds have developed the habit of taking shelter. By including such attractions, invasive and informative...


About the project

Crisan + Caraorman + Mila 23 - Ecotourism Project for Future Will created the premises for Promoting and Developing a branded destination in the Danube Delta ecouturism, by difining the common identity of the triangle area Formed by the towns Crisan…