"Crisan - Caraorman - Mila 23 – Ecotourism for future" project will create the premises for promoting and developing a branded ecouturism destination in the Danube Delta, by defining a common identity of the triangle area formed by the towns Crisan – Mila 23 – Caraorman. The project will be a model for sustainable development in the Delta. The project is developed by the “Ivan Patzaichin - Mila 23” Association in partnership with the Romanian Ornithological Society (ROS), and enjoys the support of relevant strategic partners: the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Crisan City Hall, Association of Ecotourism in Romania.

The project addresses the communities triangle unitary, through individual actions in each community and also by strengthening the wide area, increasing the attractiveness of the Crisan - Caraorman - Mila 23 triangle as a tourist destination.

The project uses the following instruments:

  • educational (ecotourism specialization for guest house operators in the area, teaching material on ecotourism values for teachers and students from the three villages, a center for promoting and interactive education about Delta at the Village Museum in Bucharest),
  • green infrastructure (building birdwatching sanctuaries at Caraorman Bird Sanctuary) and
  • operational (developing a pilot culinary-touristic route).

The project also aims to define the triangle's marketing identity with acreditation potential as a ecotourism destination. The process will be documented and become a model of good practice that can be trasferred easily. The project's beneficiaries are residents of the three villages (a multi-ethnic population through excelence), tourists and potential tourists in the Delta or in other protected areas, entrepreneurs, local civil society, local and county authorities in the Delta.

The project started in June 2014 and will end in April 2016. The budget administered by all partners is 158,787.8 euros, of which 10% co-financing from own sources.


Objectives: To promote ecotourism and the ecotourism destination Crișsn+Caraorman+Mila 23 by:

  • Ecotourism activities
  • Educational products
  • Soft infrastructure for tourism
  • Developing the destination's marketing identity.

Tourism products will be initiated specifically for ecotourism.

  • Construction of birdwatching facilities at Caraorman Bird Sanctuary;
  • Building a visiting infrastructure at Crisan
  • Educational package for students in the three villages
  • Ecotourism training for guest house operators
  • "Mila 23 Coulinary route”,
  • Interactive information and education Centre regarding responsible tourism and the ecotourism destination Crisan + Caraorman + Mila 23 at National Village Museum in Bucharest
  • Defining the marketing identity of the Crisan – Caraorman – Mila 23 triangle

October 24, 2014 – The official launch of the project @ National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti" – Bucharest



“IVAN PATZAICHIN – MILA 23” ASSOCIATION – Project initiator. www.rowmania.roAsociația Ivan Patzaichin - Mila 23

“Ivan Patzaichin - Mila 23” Association was founded in 2010 by Ivan Patzaichin, multiple Olympic champion in five editions of the Olympic Games in order to support a movement to promote local development projects and eco-tourism. The association takes the name of Ivan Patzaichin native village, assuming the task of returning Delta and the people the attention they need to keep their traditions and maintain the sites naturalness.

The projects developed by the “Ivan Patzaichin - Mila 23” Association have a strong educational component, promoting and explaining modern concepts (ecotourism, cultural tourism, responsible tourism, slow tourism) that can enable the competitive advantages of Romania: natural capital, authenticity, diversity of landscapes and biodiversity, the variety of landforms, specific element of culture (traditions, gastronomy, etc.)


CRISAN CITY HALL - www.primariacrisan.paginadestart.com
Primaria Crisan



SOCIETATEA ORNITOLOGICĂ ROMÂNĂRomanian Ornithological Society (ROS) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organisation whose activities focus on the protection of birds and nature with the support of members and volunteers based on donations and projects.

Romanian Ornithological Society monitors wild bird populations and constantly and actively makes efforts to protect their habitats. SOR has assumed the task of investigating the environment and its impact on society, to act in order to preserve and protect birds, rrare species and their habitats and to cooperate with the State authorities in order to fulfill its tasks.

As for ecotourism, SOR has the following objectives:

  • Placing Romania among Top Destinations regarding ecotourism activities;
  • Development of Ecotourism in Romania through the active involvement of the private sector and the authorities at national and especially regional level;
  • Educating the population in sustainable development of ecological tourism;
  • Development and delivery of materials to the tourists current, complete and complex to educate and provide support ecotourism activities.

The areas of competence, experience, the human resources, and area of interest of the two organisations, „Ivan Patzaichin-Mila 23” and Romanian Ornithological Society (ROS) are completing, correlating and synergizing one another and their combination has the potential to lay the groundwork of a multiplicator project.

Strategic partners and supporters:

For the proper implementation of the Project, we will be looking and engaging as expert partners with advisory role and involvement in project management. These partners will come mainly from DDBRA, Crisan City Hall and the Association of Ecotourism in Romania. We will also set up an informal community group consisting of opinion leaders from the three communities. These two groups will represent the two levels of administration: the specialized expertise level and the community involvment level.


Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA) is a public institution with legal personality,ADMINISTRAŢIA REZERVAŢIEI BIOSFEREI DELTA DUNĂRII subordinated to the Ministry of Environment and Forests, established in 1990 as the administrative organization responsible for the conservation and managemet of biodiversity, ecosystems and natural resources in the Danube Delta.



Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER) is a partnership for nature and tourism conservation in Romania between tourism associations, local development and nature conservation NGOs, nature conservation projects and travel agencies. The innovative concept promoted by AER is to bring together public and private sectors in a partnership for nature conservation and sustainable tourism development.


Promotion and education center about the Danube Delta and birds – National Village Museum „Dimitrie Gusti”

  • Artificial lands for nesting and Delta dinghies on Lake Herastrau
  • Educational program for responsible tourism for visitors of the Village Museum



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