Integrated touristic products will be initiated in the project, based on local resources that can be easily replicated afterwards. Touristic products that will be developed will focus on preserving biodiversity, on knowing it and on slow tourism and environmental protection. Everybody who will visit the area or the demonstration project in Bucharest will understand the importance of eco-tourism as an engine for sustainable development.


"Mila 23 culinary tour"

Local traditional products will be promoted through a gastronomic competition that will allow the selection of five households that will be integrated into a local culinary trail, and a minimum endowment of hospitality will also be received by one of the households.

Creating a culinary gastronomic route will highlight the intangible gastronomic heritage, one of the values appreciated especially in an ecotourism destination. The route will be extended to other households in the following years.


The Crisan - Caraorman - Mila 23 Triangle will become the nucleus of an ecotourism destination with an own label.

The process of building a marketing identity: fitting in the ecotourism certification system, a procedural guide, defining the collective label, visiting infrastructure and guidance, specific promotional materials and techniques, visual identity.

Obtaining a collective mark for the communities’ triangle, focusing on the feature of ecotourism destination, will allow the creation of a local identity that will make the products and services in the Crisan + Caraorman + Mila 23 area to be recognizable. This will have an effect on other local communities, through the multiplication potential. But the most important effect which we aim for, is strengthening the group cohesion between communities ant trust that joint working can put the Crisan+Caraorman+Mila 23 triangle on the premium destinations map of the Delta.


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