About the project

Crisan + Caraorman + Mila 23 - Ecotourism Project for Future Will created the premises for Promoting and Developing a branded destination in the Danube Delta ecouturism, by difining the common identity of the triangle area Formed by the towns Crisan - Mila 23 - Caraorman. The Project Will Be a model for sustainable development in the Delta. The Project is developed by the "Ivan Patzaichin - Mila 23" Asociation in partnership with the Romanian Ornighological Society (SOR), and enjoys the support of relevant strategic partners: the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Crisan City Hall, Association of Ecotourism in Romania.


The project uses the following instruments:

educational (ecotourism specialization for pensions operators in the area, teaching material on ecotourism values for teachers and students of the schools in the three communities, a center for promoting and interactive education about Delta at the Village Museum in Bu-charest),

green infrastructure (building birdwatching sanctuaries at the Bird Sanctuary in Caraorman) and

• operational (developing a pilot culinary-touristic route).

The project also aims to define the marketing potential as a destination for ecotourism accreditation for the triangle. The process will be documented and become a model of good practice that can be trasferred easily. Project beneficiaries are residents of the three communities (a multi-ethnic popula-tion by definition), tourists and potential tourists in the Delta or in other protected areas, entrepre-neurs, local civil society, local and county authorities in the Delta.

The project started in June 2014 and will end in April 2016. The budget administered by all partners is 158,787.8 euros, of which 10% co-financing from own sources..


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